Be a Lambassador!

Join our Lambassador Campaign, as we embark on a journey to bring the amazing flavours of high quality, nutritious, and halal Australian lamb into the homes, hearts and recipes of South East Asia.



Lamb Me Your Recipe with Hendri Take

The launch of the Lambassador journey that features Hendri Take – a yoga instructor and a young professional.


Hendri takes us through his daily activities; from doing yoga, buying groceries, and sharing an easy lamb dish that people can cook at home.



Lamb Me Your Recipe with Paul Foster

The launch of a four-episode cooking show that features Paul Foster getting into the kitchen with mom, Joyce Foster, as they put a fresh spin on family classics.



Lamb Me Your Recipe Chef's Special Edition

In Lamb Me Your Recipe Chef's Special Edition, join Paul for an epic taste journey as he visits Singapore's most talented chefs and have them share their extraordinary lamb creations with you!

Mouthwatering recipes from the best lamb cuts

Lamb Rendang

A traditional Indonesian dish usually cook with Beef, how about we have lamb for a twist?

Lamb Fillet Bao

Let’s take the origin of steamed buns or Bao create it with some lamb fillet.

Sambal Lamb Chop

Lamb chop is the greatest most delectable things on this green earth, care to try with some sambal on top?


Lamb Shoulder Buah Keluak

A classic Peranakan cuisine with lamb shoulder and buah keluak from Indonesia

Epic taste journey with Singapore's talented Chefs

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