Lamb Me Your Recipe: 

Lamb Shoulder Buah Keluak

A classic Peranakan cuisine with lamb shoulder and buah keluak from Indonesia

Episode 4: Lamb Buah Keluak

This episode introduces something a little different. Paul talks about how long it took for him to get used to Buah Keluak and his on and off affair with Peranakan cuisine. So, if he can learn to change so can his mother!


They spend this episode cooking Lamb Buah Keluak and talking about their love for Peranakan culture in Singapore.


  • 500gm Lamb Shoulder.

  • 20gm Lamb Mince meat to mix with the buah keluak blended pulp.

  • 2 tbsp cooking oil

Spice Paste

  • 12 dried chilles soaked warm water, deseeded.

  • 8 fresh chillies.

  • 8 shallots slice.

  • 8 garlic crushed.

  • 3 cups tamarind water.

  • 4 lemongrass crushed white part only.

  • 5 lime leaves.

  • 3 candle nuts, pound till find then add in the spice.

  • 10 pcs of yellow ginger.

  • 10 pcs lengkuas (blue ginger) slice thinly.

  • 1tbsp blachan (prawn paste).


Heat wok & add cooking oil.


Add spice paste & fry until a top layer of oil appears on the spice.


Add lamb shoulder & stir till mixed with the spice.


Add tamarind water, crushed lemongrass, 5 lime leaves.


After 10 mins add in the buah keluak.


Let it simmer on low heat for 1-2hrs.

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