Lamb Me Your Recipe with Paul Foster

The launch of a four-episode cooking show that features Paul Foster getting into the kitchen with mom, Joyce Foster, as they put a fresh spin on family classics.

Lambassador Adventure with Paul Foster


Paul Foster – host, model, actor, absolutely foodie but also loving son. Paul is in a bit of a quandary. The man has been gorging on lamb for his entire life. And he knows, in fact, we know that one of the best parts about loving food is the ability to share that love. And so, Paul needs to share this love of lamb, but he’s hit a snag.


The average Singaporean is not really a fan of lamb, the smell, the taste and oh it’s too tough to cook are just some of the common gripes about this delicious meat.

So Paul is roping in his mum, Joyce, cook extraordinaire to share her recipes and make sure the lamb tastes good in whatever local dish she puts it in!

And to end it all, he’s going to invite some of his Singaporean friends to try the dishes cooked and give their thumbs up on lamb!

Lamb Rendang

A traditional Indonesian dish usually cook with Beef, how about we have lamb for a twist?

Lamb Fillet Bao

Let’s take the origin of steamed buns or Bao create it with some lamb fillet.

Sambal Lamb Chop

Lamb chop is the greatest most delectable things on this green earth, care to try with some sambal on top?


Lamb Shoulder Buah Keluak

A classic Peranakan cuisine with lamb shoulder and buah keluak from Indonesia

Episode 1: Rendang Kambing

Originally from Indonesia, this much beloved dish has spread to most of Southeast Asia, finding a home in the taste buds of everyone.


This iconic dish might have begun as a beef-based dish but the lamb rendang is just as popular. Its time for Paul and his mother to try their hand at a dish that was once voted the tastiest on a CNN poll. How’s that for pressure?

Episode 2: Lamb Fillet Bao

Paul recounts his school days and first brush with stuffing these delicious steaming hot buns into his face but as he remembers they were mostly filled with pork. He knows his mother loves them too but he’s going to try and ease Joyce into his world of lamb via the inherent tastiness of Baos!

Episode 3: Sambal Lamb Chop

Paul sings praises of his beloved Lamb Chops and his lifelong love of barbeque food but this episode is going to be a challenge for him.


He knows it’s going to take an absolute effort to get his mother to try lamb chops, but he does have an idea.


He’s going to add a little Asian spin to the dish – with sambal!

Episode 4: Lamb Buah Keluak

This episode introduces something a little different. Paul talks about how long it took for him to get used to Buah Keluak and his on and off affair with Peranakan cuisine. So, if he can learn to change so can his mother!


They spend this episode cooking Lamb Buah Keluak and talking about their love for Peranakan culture in Singapore.