Lamb Me Your Recipe: 

Sambal Lamb Chop

Lamb chop is the greatest most delectable things on this green earth, care to try with some sambal on top?

Episode 3: Sambal Lamb Chop

Paul sings praises of his beloved Lamb Chops and his lifelong love of barbeque food but this episode is going to be a challenge for him.


He knows it’s going to take an absolute effort to get his mother to try lamb chops, but he does have an idea.


He’s going to add a little Asian spin to the dish – with sambal!


  • 6 tbsp cooking oil.

  • 1 tomato slices into 6 wedges.

  • 2.5 cups tamarind water.

  • Salt/Sugar to taste.

Spice To Blend

  • 8 dried chilles

  • 2 chilli Padi

  • 3 fresh chillies

  • 1tbsp blachan (prawn paste)


Heat wok & add the cooking oil until hot.


Add the paste & fry till aromatic.


Add tamarind water, tomato, salt & sugar.

Grill or pan fry lamb chops until nicely charred.


Depending on your preference, cooking time will differ.


Take off heat and let rest, to allow natural cook off and juices to redistribute throughout the meat.


Plate chops and complete by adding sambal over the top.

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