Lamb Me Your Recipe:

Lamb Barbacoa Taco

Experience the traditional flavours of a spicy Mexican slow-cooked lamb. 

Lamb Me Your Recipe:

Lamb Barbacoa Taco - Super Loco

Chef Jason Jones from Super Loco keeps it simple and delicious with his rendition of a Lamb Taco.


But he uses it to introduce the lamb barbacoa - a spicy Mexican slow-cooked lamb.


He recreates this traditional dish by using a premium-grade Australian lamb shoulder.


Jason Jones

Co-owner and Head of Culinary

Traditionally, Barbacoa is either Lamb, Beef or Goat, that is slowly ‘steam-cooked’ in an underground oven. It is lathered in many fragrant spices which are found in Mexico, then usually wrapped in Maguey (Agave Cactus) leaves, and then slowly cooked until the meat is literally falling off the bone. 


When done, they carefully dig it up, take it out, and “pull” the meat from the bone. Then the meat is roughly chopped up, sometimes a little extra flavour is added in the form of salsa or extra marinade. 


It is one of the best ways to cook as it retains its juices, and all the extra flavours of the marinade get absorbed. It is incredibly succulent, and commonly used in Tacos, Burritos, or simply on it’s own with a salad or vegetables. 


At Super Loco, we use traditional flavours, though we cook in a commercial oven, and we serve in a Taco with lettuce, mint, onion, cucumber, tomato and salsa. 



  • 2kg Lamb shoulder – de-boned

  • 1litre Chicken stock

  • 55g Harissa Paste

For the Lamb Marinade

  • 40g Chipotle

  • 80g Onions

  • 25g Garlic

  • 5g Parsley

  • 3gm Cumin powder

  • 1gm Dried Sage

  • 100ml Olive oil

  • 5gm Salt


For the Mint Salsa​

  • 8g Mint leaves

  • 1 Serrano Chilli – seeds removed

  • 1⁄4 Habanero chilli – seeds removed

  • 40g Olive oil

  • 60gm Mint jelly

  • 15ml Lime juice

  • 1g Sea salt 

For the Red Onion Salsa

  • 100gm Red onion salsa from Chorizo Taco recipe

  • 70gm Cucumber – finely diced

  • 1 stalk Spring onion

  • 1⁄2 Lime – juice

  • Pinch Salt 


To prepare the Lamb Marinade

  • Blend all ingredients until thoroughly combined. 


For the Mint Salsa​

  • Puree all together to a smooth sauce just before needed. 

For the Red Onion Salsa​

  • Mix all together just before required. 

  1. Rub Lamb thoroughly with marinade.

  2. Leave for at least 3 hours in refrigerator.

  3. Set the oven to 160’C.

  4. Pot-Roast the lamb with the stock for approx. 3hrs, or until Lamb is tender and falling apart.

  5. Once baked, shred/chop and add harissa paste and season to taste. 6. Keep a little chunky – not super fine shred. Reserve. 

To serve

  1. Heat up a portion of Lamb on Plancha with 2 pieces of Tomato.

  2. Warm a tortilla both sides until just warm and soft. Move to plate.

  3. Add a little iceburg lettuce, then place lamb on lettuce.

  4. Drizzle with Mint salsa. Then add grilled tomato wedges the side of the meat.

  5. Top with red onion cucumber salsa.

  6. Serve with a lime wedge for each taco made. 


Experience Lamb Barbacoa Taco at

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