Lamb Me Your Recipe:

Lamb Gyro

Inspired by kebab, this Lamb Gyro preparation requires more than 2 days of preparation.  

Lamb Me Your Recipe:

Lamb Gyros - Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends’ Chef Dave Pynt makes full use of his wood-burning oven to create a Lamb Gyro in his one Michelin-star restaurant.


The Australian lamb shoulder he uses is first brined in a buttermilk solution for two days before being oven-roasted for three hours.


Dave Pynt


The idea for the Lamb Gyros came to me one day when I was thinking about those late night kebabs, the ones that you would dream of having, so that made me decide to create my own at work.


I like to work with products that I’m familiar with so it is a no-brainer for us to use Aussie Lamb. It’s super tasty, high quality and a great product overall.

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