Lamb Me Your Recipe:

Lamb Spice Ribs

Using roasted spices to add delicious flavour to the lamb ribs.

Lamb Me Your Recipe:

Lamb Spice Ribs - Cheek Bistro

In Cheek Bistro, Chef Rishi Naleendra introduces us to the restaurant’s popular Lamb Ribs where he uses roasted spices to add delicious flavour to the dish.


Using the finest Australian lamb, Chef Rishi believes it is perfect for retaining all the flavour from his spices.   


Rishi Naleendra 


I have always wanted to offer a lamb rib dish at Cheek. When I tried True Aussie Lamb, it’s clean taste and meaty texture really stood out to me.


As you know, I am always on the lookout for quality ingredients for my dishes, and using True Aussie Lamb helped to elevate this dish to be as tasty as it can be.



  • Sweet Paprika x 30gm

  • Cinnamon Stick x 5 Stick

  • Cardamon x 8nos

  • Cumin Seed x 30gm

  • Fennel Seed x 30gm

  • Cayenne Powder x 30gm

  • Fine Salt x 100gm

  • Black Pepper x 30gm

  • Oregano x 30gm 


  1. Pan toast the Cinnamon, cardamom, cumin seed, fennel seed and black pepper till nice and fragrant.

  2. In a spice grinder grind everything into a powder and mix it well in a mixing bowl. 

  3. Clean the lamb ribs, remove the sinew, spice the lamb thoroughly with the lamb spice.

  4. Vacuum pack the lamb fully and cook in a water-bath at 75c for 12hour.

  5. Once cooked drop the ribs in an ice bath to stop it from carry over cooking. 

  6. In a pan use low heat place the ribs with the fat cap side onto the pan and reder the fats off till you get it nice and crispy, place the rendered lamb into the oven and cook at 220c for 4mins, once it’s out glaze the lamb with the lamb glaze lightly and pop it back into the oven for 2 more mins and glaze it one last time.

  7. Dust the ribs with lamb spice. 


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