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Meat & Livestock Australia X Hendri Take: Indonesia's first Lambassador

Indonesia - Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) launched a series of programs through the #Lambassador campaign to introduce Indonesian consumers to Australian lamb and the enjoyment of eating Australian lamb. Australian lamb are known for its superior quality, nutrition and halalness. Our red meat and livestock industry have a long-term commitment to lifetime traceability, food integrity and quality. All Australian beef and lamb in Indonesia is halal as recognised and approved by MUI. Australian meat is therefore safe to consume by Indonesia’s Muslim consumers. MLA Indonesia also wants to educate young professional such as millennials or young mothers on the nutritional benefit of Australian lamb: that is good for body, soul and mind in this current situation, as well as to further educate how to cook delicious lamb dishes in healthy, easy and practical ways.

Indonesia’s first Lambassador, Hendri Take, a yoga instructor and young professional will be taking his social media followers on a virtual lamb journey to visit some of the finest restaurants in Jakarta that serve Australian Lamb. Hendri’s participation in the #Lambassador campaign initiated by MLA is to further introduce Indonesian consumers to quality Australian lamb and create awareness and enjoyment in eating lamb. For someone who loves red meat and lamb, in particular, Hendri will show off his cooking skills and hope that the Indonesian consumers would be at ease and familiar with cooking lamb at home for daily consumption and gain benefit in eating Australian lamb.

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